Friday, December 17, 2010

Clean and then its Break Time! Then off to Externships

My last day in Culinary Across Cultures.   So what did we do today?  We did what about 95% of all culinary students will be doing when they enter the culinary job market.  We cleaned the kitchen!

Some of the future Chefs who went along with me on this journey;

Sabrina, who just turned 21 yesterday.  She got a tattoo as a gift to herself.

Dena. Our life coach.  She provided us with her great desserts and upbeat personality for seven months.

Jose started every question he asked in this manner, "Chef, I have a question for you!"  Jose grew up in my old neighborhood, loves Tito's Tacos.

Richard, Justin in the back, Christian and Dave.  Never a dull moment with these four.

The Three Amigas.
Jenny, Sonia and Ruby.  The cause of more chatter and laugher than the rest of the whole class put together.

Our youngest chef.  Javi turned 19 last month.  He was my project throughout school. I'd ask him, "Javi, did you do your homework last night?  No, I was too tired. I'd tell him, "How can an 18 year old be too tired?"

My partner in the kitchen.  We never missed a day.  Yes, that is a Santa cap I'm wearing.

One Clean Kitchen!

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Sara Collins said...

Tommy. Cpngrats on finishing school. So glad you enjoyed it so. Such a great blog. Please say you will continue it in Italy. I will ned it so as to not have Tommy withdrawls. How are we gonna live without your sweet presence for so Long??? Boo Hoo.