Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Flying Mole Brothers.

As I stated yesterday, we fired all the mole's today with protein.  Pork, chicken, turkey and pheasant.  Except yesterday, we failed to make our Mole Poblano.  Somehow it got missed in all the excitement.  So we had to crank out one more mole and still get our six main dishes done as well as our Spanish Rice and Pico de Gallo.  I have to say, there was mole flying all over the place today.  Four groups of 4 making all the dishes required was a sight to see.  We got the all our dishes completed but we were just 1 minute late in making our window of 1 PM.  But the good news was Chef Romero was very pleased with all our plates, our mole's and even my knife cuts.  Sort of.  I am just not that good at consistent knife cuts.  This is what I like about Chef Romero.  He looks at my pico de gallo and says,  "Well these cuts are good, what happened to these cuts?"  We are talking about two types of onion cuts, tomato and serrano chilies.  Cut in 1/8" dice, sort of.  Picky, picky, picky!

One student, Leila, was leaving class and was covered in Mole Rojo.  Her jacket looked like she had been hit with a scatter gun of mole.   What's even more amazing, she had none on her apron.  How is that possible?  All in a days work!

Pics of Mole Rojo w/braised pheasant and Enchiladas in Salsa Verde.

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