Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A request! And, Merry Christmas!

It's been all of 4 days since I last attended class.  I miss it!  However, new challenges await yours truly.  Like getting to Italy during the holidays and avoiding winter weather.  I made a decision, probably not the brightest of decisions, but nonetheless a decision to fly to Italy via a companion pass.  In other words, going standby.  Good friend Joe  T. has graciously agreed to accompany me to Rome.   Due to his ability to go as a significant other to Cindi, who works or worked for United Airlines, he flies for free and I pay taxes and fees to fly.  This could turn out great as most times companions get to fly business or sometimes even first class.  But the risk to this reward is not being able to get out of LA before Presidents' Day.  Not really, but there are risks involved.

I met with Bill Disselhorst yesterday.  Bill is the liaison between the Italian Country Cooking school and Le Cordon Bleu.  He told of wonderful stories about Casperia and surrounding towns.  Visits to farmers markets that are really farmers markets and not somebody going to the LA Food District and picking up a few crates of food and calling it farm raised.  Does that really happen?  Also stories of gypsies and being ever watchful of your possessions.  Picking pockets is not a crime in Rome, it's a national pastime.  So I'll be zippered up and my head on a swivel while in Rome and on the trains.

So my request of you, my fellow blog followers, is to say a little prayer that the weather is decent, the companion pass thing works out and I get to Casperia fully clothed and with most of my possessions intact.

And, Merry Christmas everyone!

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