Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Name Game

Friday we were back in Southeast Asia.  I wish I got frequent flyer miles with all the hopscotching across the world we're doing.  We started with a Chicken Satay with a peanut butter sauce, Gan bian si ji dou, which is a stir-fried green bean,  Goi Ga, a chicken and cabbage salad. A dish called Gaeng Ped Hoi Mang Phu.  Say that three times fast. It's Thai mussels with a coconut red curry sauce. It's really good. Then we finished it off with Dan Dan Noodle, not to be confused with Yankee Doodle and Tom Ka Gai. Dan Dan noodle is a pork stir-fry with lots of chilies and soba noodles. The Tom Ka Gai is a wonderful Thai chicken soup made with lemon grass, fish sauce, dried Thai chilies and coconut milk.   One of our group failed to show up so we were three making these dishes.  I made Dan Dan noodles and Tom Ka Gai and assisted on the mussels.

I named this entry "The Name Game" because as I was cooking, I was humming to myself the entire time in class that song.  You might remember it, it goes something like this:
Dan, Dan bo Ban, banana fanna foe Fan, fe fi fo fan, Man...DAN!   NOW TRY AND GET THAT SONG OUTTA YOUR HEAD.

I think my brain has turned into Dan Dan noodles!

Left to right: Tom Ka Gai soup, Dan Dan Noodle and Gan bian si ji dou.

Chicken Satay and Gaeng ped hoi mang phu.

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