Friday, December 3, 2010


We continue our march of the Legumes towards the Americas.  Hoppin' John Cake is a bean dish with black eye peas and rice. It included bacon, onion and red pepper flakes.  Found in the Caribbean mostly, black eye peas are also very common in the South.   Moros y Christiano is black beans and rice dish. It's a play on the Mores and Christians?  Blacks and Whites!  Anyway, Split Pea soup, Succotash, Frijoles de la Olla (refried beans in lard) and New England Baked Beans also were included in our gluttony of legumes today.  

Feijoada was the last dish with beans.  It's not like any dish I have ever had, but I will put it high on my list of "must make again".  Standby for this ingredient list; Linquist, a South America sausage, smoke ham hock, bacon, pork shoulder, and lard.  Can you say, "pork fat is good?"  Feijoada does include 4 cups of black beans.  Beans never tasted so good.  I'll be paying the price down the road.  But for now, they are great!

I had to laugh at Chef Romero today.  Seven bean dishes to taste today times a total of 7 groups from the morning and mid-moring classes.  49 plates of beans and pork!
He was not in a festive mood today.

Pics of 6 of the 7 dishes.  No Boston Baked pics.

Please, no beans in chili.


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Rocco (The Godfather) Tito said...

Tom, I've gained 20 pounds just reading your comments and looking at your pictures. Great job man!