Monday, May 24, 2010

School Work

It's been 43 years since I have done school work. After graduating high school in 1967, I joined the Navy, got discharged, got a job, got married and had a daughter. No school work required there. Now I find myself having to do school work. Book reports, writing papers, reading chapters and taking tests. In the 60's I dreaded doing these things. I guess everyone finds doing things that they like, enjoyable. That's where I find myself now. Enjoying the school work. Who da thunk it?

I hope I feel this way in October.


Erin said...

I hated it then...I hate it now...I don't ever plan on liking it. Speaking from someone who's spent most of her life in school. =)

But I'm glad you like it!! =) WHOO!!

Anonymous said...

Mais, c'est magnifique...such a beautiful bird !! Sounds like you're having a blast ... thanks for sharing the adventure with us !

=o) Linda C.