Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week Two-Takin' Notes

Still not cooking yet! But, my oh my, are we learning. Each week, our culinary chef gives us a homework assignment; "Outline what you have learned this week". The first week, I had about a half page of outlined information. This week, I had two and a half pages of information. That was only four days worth of notes. Quite the accelerated pace. Knife cuts to cooking terms, putting up stock to taking it down. As you might have ascertained, note taking is not only mandatory, but necessary, just to keep up with all the information we are fed. Doing outlines really helps you re-learn all the things we go over. These Chef's are good!

One bit of good news, I'm going to learn how to fabricate, cure and smoke...BACON.

Yesss! Makin' Bacon and greasy note takin'! I can't wait.


Erin said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm bacon tastes GOOD!

Linda C. said...

Ask him what "faisander" (fay-zahn-day) means ! You might want to sit down for the literal culinary explanation ... Cheese and wine aren't the only things the French eat aged ...
=o) Linda