Friday, February 11, 2011


On Tuesday night, Chris and I decide to go back to Roma and return the stupid GPS part. Now I don't recommend you ever drive to Roma, especially after a birthday party and at 4:30 PM. But off we went, with our trusy TOMTOM and Tim (pronounced Teem) there to guide us to Villa Borghese where Hertz is located. Seems that this TOMTOM is an older model and a certain turn off to a connector road that takes us to the A1 highway wasn't programed. Tim kept taking us down a one way road that deadends. Go figure that one. I could see the connector road so decide to take it. Without missing a beat, Tim got us to Villa Borghese...(park). Not the parking structure where Hertz is located. So after driving around a bit I finally saws the Hertz sign, made an illegal turn against traffic and went underground. Hey, it's normal here!

Wednesday was Julie's last day here after three months in Casperia. Her externship finally coming to an end. Her flight out was Thursday morning. She came with a small carry on bag and left with 2 large bags, her carryon and a packback. Seems she was determined to take Italy back with her. Finally, after having to give up two large bags of her favorite cookies, we left for the car. I say that because in Casperia, which is a medieval city from 1000 AD, steps are the only way down. Lots and lots and lots of steps. Made it to the car, drove and picked up Paola and Franco as we were going to a train station where we didn't have to climb a bunch more steps to get to the platform, but I didn't know how to get there. Now, putting up with backseat driving is annoying. Driving with two Italians, one speaking english the other italian while arguing amongst themselves and telling me where to go, now that would be a sitcom success.  Made the train with just two minutes to spare, got Julie on board with all her bags, a quick hug and she was on her way back to California.

Benedictine Abby Farfa Sabina
 Later in the day, Chris and I went to a small town called Farfa Sabina. They have an Benedictine Abby there that was built on top of Roman ruins. It has the largest Renaissance library in the world. It was closed, but opens tomorrow at 11 AM. Sigh! We looked around the town, went into the Church that was amazing. Had to leave as they were starting mass and found a fun little store where I found a cool olive oil can. It was perfect.  Sort of abnormal, I know.

Tomorrow is my last day of externship. Will write more on that tomorrow.

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