Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One of those Days

Tuesday brought me to February 1st.  Thirty-one days in Casperia and it seems like I just got here.  Tomorrow is Paola's brothers birthday.  So our charge was to make a chocolate torte or cake as you would call it.  Nothing out of a box here, except maybe the flour we used.  Melting the bittersweet chocolate with butter seemed an easy task.  Break the chocolate apart add hunks of butter and melt.  Well, I burnt the chocolate.  Heck, I didn't even know you could burn chocolate.  So I had to re-measure my ingredients and this time I melted the chocolate in a bain marie.  Put the eggs in, mixed with dry and poured the batter into the cake pan.  I undercooked it.  The never fail toothpick method failed me.  Paola tried to save it. She cut it in half and applied the homemade appricot jam in the middle, flipped it over and it fell into 3 big chunks.  Then she was out of baking powder, so no cake. 

I was filling up the big pasta pot with water. She has a connection that allows her to put the water line inside the pot right on the stove.  I walked away for a minute and (probably longer than a minute) and the pot overflowed onto the stove.  Big watery mess.   Cleaned up that mess.

Burnt the first two sheets of puff pastry.  I did get six of them done correctly.

Then we made Crepe's.  Nine of them.  Stacked into three, rolled up and cut like fettuccini noodles.  We then toss them with a simple tomatoe sauce.  It's a very light texture and really tasty.  No problems with the crepes.  Paola had to leave early which meant so did we.  About that time I was thinking, "Thank you Lord".

I suggested that we go out for dinner here in Casperia at Friends Cafe.  I didn't want to burn down the apartment!

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Denise said...

Man Tom, when it rains it pours. You are there to learn and be challenged. I would say that happened for you! Now that that is done, retry the torte and bring it up here! Hope today is a huge success. Buon appetito amico.