Friday, February 18, 2011

Hotel Star by way of London and China

Two days in Florence is not enough. Two months might work. The Center of the Renaissance is mind blowing. If you have been here then you know; if you haven’t, then come, come to Florence. Just set aside a week, pay the money and get here. Come in February or early March, before the massive crowds get here and walk into history. See where Galileo is buried and walk his museum. Michelangelo and Leonardo have left masterpieces for you to explore.


We left Florence for Milan at 3 PM. It’s almost two hundred miles between the two cities. It was raining hard and it was very foggy in the mountains. The toll on A1 was 20 Euros. Fuel, 41 Euros for ¾ tank of diesel. We got to the city around 7 PM. We walked into the Star Hotel at 9 PM. Milan sucks for driving! I don’t give two cents for fashion, as it’s the fashion capital of the world. I don’t care two cents for the banking capital of Italy. The 1.6 million people who live here can have it. But I had to find our hotel and it took me two hours. The way to my hotel was thru London by way of China. Tomtom got us to the city, but was left a blithering idiot trying to find this place. I stopped at the London Hotel and the nice lady gave me directions to my hotel. But I had to park my car. There in a public garage, that was six blocks from where we were staying, I parked my car. Chris and I walked back to the hotel and by way of a Chinese Restaurant landmark.

Jungle Room
 Our room is reminiscent of Elvis’ Jungle Room. There’s a Leopard half submerged in water stalking our bed and the weirdest set of lighting I have ever seen in any hotel room. But that could not compare to the cement hard pillows and the constant stream of trash trucks picking up the seven bins of stuff outside our window. Their twirling flashing yellow lights streaming into our room and crashing sounds of junk followed by the hydraulic sound of compacting kept us entertained all night.

We did go back to the Chinese place and had a very good meal that included a bottle of white wine and friendly chatter with our Asian waitress.

Tomorrow, the Last Supper!

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