Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Millie la Pagina

Having recovered from an interesting day before, we got on to making Millie la Pagina, or 1000 sheets.  It's a desert made with puff pastry, pastry cream, whipped cream, chocolate chips and finished off with chopped hazelnuts and powdered sugar.  Hows that for ingredients?

Chris came to the restaurant and was a witness to our process, which is asking Paola what can we do? As a school, it's not traditional at all.  But, that's why I love it. Dealing with Franco, her husband, who comes into the kitchen and sneaks food, to Foxy, Maggie and Biondo, the three dogs who wonder in an out.  It's surreal and fantastic. Ah the Agriturismo in action.

For lunch, I made a Gorgonzola risotto. Paola cooked up pork chops and we had my new favorite vegetable, fennel quartered, sauteed till soft with garlic and topped with parmasean cheese at the table.  Soo Good!  A fun day to be sure.  Tomorrow, Chris gets to experience Roma!


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