Saturday, February 5, 2011

Takin' it Slow

The past few days have been very slow. After Chris came to the cucina on Wednesday, we had Thursday off. We decided to go to Roma, but since I’m a cement head and thought the trains ran every 20 minutes after arguing with Julie, they don’t, we missed the train. The next one was in three hours.  I could have driven to ROMA…NOT!!!  So instead we decide to find the OUTLET. It’s like going to the outlet mall in Morongo. We plugged in TOMTOM and set it for no tolls. Big mistake! Well, sort of.  Julie remembered a restaurant, Pizza al Taglio, and we programmed in that restaurant, as OUTLET was not found in TOMTOM.  Driving on this one lane road up a mountain to the top, we saw some really cool things. Big rivers, sheep, horses, cows, road signs that I had no idea what they were or what they meant. But Tim, our TOMTOM guide, coolly guided us up the mountain, over hill and dale, ever so gently telling us to turn left in 80 meters. After about a 45 minute ride where we saw no cars or people, we were at the top of this mountain. No OUTLET mall, but there as big as you please was our Pizza al Taglio. Seems there is more than one of these. Must be a chain or something. Walked in to this ever so tiny place where the proprietor must have thought we dropped in from Pluto, and ordered some pizza and a coke. Now I don’t drink cokes at home. However, Coke in Italy is so good and sweet; you just cannot resist a coke. We enjoyed the view and the pizza and decided to drive back home.


We plugged in Casperia, to make our way back home and went down a bigger road where a sign read, OUTLET. Drove another 5 minutes and there it was, just off the highway. The OUTLET restaurant that Julie had remembered was nowhere to be found, but it didn’t matter. We weren’t hungry anyway. Shopped and enjoyed the very nice stores, Chris bought a cool pasta cooker, I a heat diffuser.

Tim found our way back home and we enjoyed a movie after making chicken cacciatore with mushrooms for dinner.

A nice slow day in Italy.

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Denise said...

Cari Tom & Chris- your 'comedy of errors' will be the memories you hold on to the longest. So glad you had an ADVENTURE. I am eager to hear how Roma is. You are doing it right. Savor every moment and don't forget to share it. A presto!