Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Under the Tuscan Sun

After two days in Spoleto, we said our goodbyes to Steve and Denise and set out for Siena. Along the way we stopped in Cortona, a college town just north of Assisi. The town goes back about 2500 years.  Hannible defeated the Romans just south of Cortona in 217 BC. We stopped long enough to have a quick lunch and walk the Piazza della Repubblica. There we ran into two college girls from Georgia, University of, as they have a Renaissance art program that is associated with Cortona.

We left Cortona and headed northwest to the heart of Tuscany, Siena. As it was Valentine’s Day, we went for a romantic dinner at Compagnia dei Vinattieri as recommended by our B&B hostess at our Hotel villa Liberty. Chris enjoyed Pumpkin, Potato Leek Soup while I had Chicory & Gorgonzola flan with red onion mustard.

Our main course consisted of Braised Beef in Brunello wine and Black Peppercorn sauce and homemade Tagliatelle with Ragu made of Guinea Hen and Pistachios.

We shared a sampling dessert of White Chocolate Mousse with Pineapple Cream, Ginger Chocolate Mousse, a Cheese cake with Raspberry Coulie and a Chocolate Torte. They were all excellent.

We walked the Piazza del Campo and watched the diners enjoying their meals and marveled at the huge piazza and large bell tower, the largest non-religious bell tower in Italy.   Made our way back to our room and called it a night.

A Valentines Day we will always remember

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Greg Simms said...

Hey Tom - If you see CAVALLO on a menu, make SURE you get it!! I was surprised when I ordered it in Parma. I could've eaten two plates of it!!