Thursday, January 22, 2015

Camogli, Colds and Grappa.

By Sunday night, after lazing all afternoon, I came down with a cold.  A real head stuffer.  Chris too.  I took an antihistamine from the local Farmacia and paid the price.  It is easy getting medication here, but be careful as you may be lit up all night, like I was.  It was like I had taken crystal meth or something.  Funny thing, I only took half the pill Sunday night.

Monday was a travel day.  Still buzzin' but tired, I drove the four of us up to Perugia to catch the train to Florence, then hop on another train to Pisa, then onto another train to Chiavari and finally onto a train to Camogli.

Tuesday, we woke to find Camogli beautiful with sunshine galore and the sea was spectacular.  When we were here in November, it was slate gray our entire stay.  Cathy and Gigi have brought us good weather wherever we have been.

Is that Blue Skies we see?

Order some drinks and they bring you snacks.  Lots of them.

At the Camogli harbor.

A bit of frolic time on the beach.  Cathy found some neat broken tiles and stones on the beach, which she is bringing home to make a trivet.  

Fishermen doing what fishermen have done for centuries, working on their nets.

Cassie and Stefano had invited us to dinner at their home.  It was a treat getting a home cooked meal that I didn't have to cook.  Stefano, being a bar owner, got a tour of a Grappa manufacturer in November and brought home some really really good Grappa.    The ladies didn't care for it.  It was awesome.  So Ste (short for Stefano) and I indulged.  It helped the cold too.

Grappa, not for the faint of heart.

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