Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Sunday the 18th, the best games of the NFL season are on back home.  It’s one of the few days I like to watch the NFL.  We come home on Super Bowl Sunday.  I’ll miss that game, or maybe catch a glimpse of the longest pre-game show in the history of the world in Atlanta where we first land in America.  Sunday here is quiet as we ready to go north to Camogli and then spend a few days in Florence.

Yesterday we took Cathy and Gigi to Civita de Bagnorigo, “The Dying Village”.  We had lunch there.  Being a Saturday, the town was very crowded and the cats were out in force hoping for some food or whatever cats hope for.  Gigi said a vet could have a field day spaying and neutering cats.  While walking over the long bridge that goes to the town, we heard many gun shots and baying of dogs down in the valley below us.  Hunters come out during the weekend.  The big game here are boars or Cinghiale, pronounced Cheen-gal-ea.  Italians use a lot of boar in their cooking.  Sausage made from cinghiale is prized and very tasty.   

Since I had blogged about Civita previously, I thought I would post some pictures about other locales we have visited. 

Chris outside the old Gusto al Borgo

Adam and Eve in the Orvieto Cathedral.  Obviously after the apple incident.

Markers commemorating Salzburg citizens taken by the Nazi's during the annexation of  Austria.  These are found throughout the town as a remembrance to those that died.

At the winery below Mt Vesuvius.  We went there after our tour of Pompeii.

This was inlaid marble outside a wealthy Pompeii house.  It was the only place I saw this in the city.
We went to a Red Coral manufacuturer on our way back down from Mt Vesuvius.  If you remember, we were late to go inside the park.  So our guide Daniel stopped here as we had seen the sign on our way up the mountain and commented on the Red Coral.  Cameo's made from shell.

The Excelsior Vittoria Hotel in Sorrento.  A quiet winters day reflected in the water.

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