Monday, January 26, 2015

Cathy and Gigi were extremely excited to come here.  Chris was excited because she would be able to spend time in the Museo Galileo.  In 2011, we discovered this museum but only got to spend a few moments there as it was closing.  When we came here with Erin in November the museum was closed on Tuesdays.  We arrived on Thursday. On Friday Gigi and Cathy headed off to the Academia to see the statue of David.  Unfortunately, Chancellor Merkle from Germany was in town and meeting in the Academia.  No David.   So they joined us to visit the Museo Galileo.   The Renaissance period was more than artwork and sculptures.  The Dark Ages had stymied science, exploration, medicine as well as human growth.  The Galileo museum showcased discoveries in all these things.  Done with experiments, trial and error and the intelligence of these men, it was an amazing period in Europe.  I fear that the human mind,  being more and more reliant on computers, may fall back into a dark age again.  Lets hope I’m wrong.


Galileo's forefinger, thumb and tooth.  

The Globes.  
How they did it.

On Saturday Cathy and Gigi made it to the Academia to see David and we went to the Bargello gallery,  a fort that was used as a police station during the Medici reign in Florence.  I loved the cannon that was on display.  Talk about your gun control. 

Coats of Arms and The Cannon at the Bargello Museum.

After a train ride back to Perugia, our last stop was the Franco Todini Cantina in Collevalenza.  They’re not called wineries in Italy.  This cantina is just one kilometer from our house and it was the first time we had visited it.  What a mistake that’s been!  Given a tour by Eleonora, she told of its history, production and how it is attached to a B&B and restaurant, where we will have our goodbye meal on Thursday night before heading to Rome and then home.

Doing the tour with Eleonora at Franco Todini Cantina.

All in all, a very nice time with Cathy and Gigi.

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