Saturday, January 3, 2015

Back at It!

Due to WiFi difficulties, we now pick up the Blog a few days behind.

The Last Day of 2014.

On December 31st, it snowed.  About 2 inches of powder fell in about 4 hours.  New Years eve was ushered in with fireworks around the town.  I didn’t see them, but I could definitely hear them.  Because it was around 19 degrees, we decided to stay home and do our usual New Years Eve festivities.  We went to bed at 10:30.

New Years morning, 9:15AM our time, 15 past midnight in LB, we called Erin and Skyped with her.  Our house was party central for kids and adults alike.  Pizzas, swimming, movies and that was just for the kids.  It was great to see neighbors from home enjoying New Years at our house.  No really!

Friday, we traveled up north to Lake Trasimeno or Lago Trasimeno.  The lake is the fourth largest in Italy and is fed by two steams with no exit.  But the lake is only about 6 meters deep.  You figure the math.   On our way we stopped at Castle Rigone and visited Santuario Maria dei Miracoli.  It was built in 1494 near the towns well when an apparition took place witnessed by a woman who saw a beautiful lady rise from a thicket asking that a chapel be built near the well.  Why not!  A fresco recently uncovered was painted in 1519.  The stone carvings on the main door were done by Domenico Bertini da Settignano trained in the school of Michelangelo.  The town was high up in the hills above the lake.  You wonder sometimes how they decide where to put these towns.  Hill towns usually overlook valleys so they can tax travelers and see oncoming trouble.  This place was hidden. 
The Door and Window by Settignano

Inside the Sanctuary.

Then we drove down the hill to the lake.  The lake was so tranquil you could not help be mesmerized just looking at it.  With three islands, two had ancient towers, it was a perfect spot to sit and reflect on 2014.  We finished off the visit with a Gelato from Gelateria Tropical, the only store around with an American flag.  It wasn’t the Rose Parade, but it was fun. 

Looking good.

Gelato, on the Lake, in the cold.

Obligatory Selfie.
"...A un tratto, presso Passignano, si scorge la luna rosseggiare dietro le collinette del Trasimeno..."
Gabriele D'Annunzio  "Notebook"  1908

"...Suddenly, near Passignano, the moon could be seen reddening behind the gentle
trasimeno hills..."

Oh Say Can you See.

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