Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fun Pics!

Wifi has been spotty the last few days.  Chris’ friends are coming in on the 11th and staying with us.  So we're cleaning the casa as that has been on top of our to do list.  It’s sort of like being home, but 12,000 miles away.  Anyway, I have taken many pictures during our stay here, some make it to Facebook, some get shown here on the old blog.  So here are some fun ones that didn’t make either.

We'll making our way down to Naples and Pompei today, so enjoy the pics.

Waiting for the bus to Rome

She'll kill me for this one.

A picture of Rita Hayworth over our bed in the 4 star hotel in Rome.
The quote, "Life could be so wonderful...if only"

A picture in our hotel in Florence.  The quote, "What the hell...?"

Siena at night.

Fishing boats lined up in Camogli.

I thought this was different.  Old city wall in Krems next to the new wall which is a department store.  The Bistro was the executioners home way back when.

I just loved the colors in this photograph.  Upper falls at Marmore.

Wishing my mom a happy 101st birthday today, January 11th.  Thanks for everything mom.

I'll do the miscellaneous pictures again soon.  Ciao!

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