Thursday, January 1, 2015


Deciding to recharge our WiFi we traveled back up to see our friend Marta at Euroronics.  Asking her our questions was so much easier than trying to explain or write in Google Translate at the Poker store.  Our first question was this; if we still have a % of our Gigs and decide to recharge, do we loose the remaining Gigs?  Yes we do.  Damn!   Ok, then she told us that there is a date stamp that tells us if we recharge, we cannot use the new Gigs until January 12th.  Damn, damn!  What to do?  Since we still had 19% she recommended we use up the Gigs and come see her as she will work some magic to get our WiFi working without waiting until Jan 12th.  Cool!  So we’ll wait till after New Years day to recharge.

Then we traveled to another hill town in Umbria called Montefalco.  It’s about halfway between Todi and Spoleto.  It’s famous for three things.  Eight saints were born in Montefalco.  It has a famous road called the Sagrantino Road leading to the town, which is home to one of the finest wine regions in Italy and the Gastronomy is classic Umbrian cuisine.  Of course by the time we got to Montefalco, 1:30, everything was closed.  It’s amazing to me that we always time our arrivals just at the start of siesta time.   It was cold and windy, but we found a restaurant that would take us in and serve us lunch.  Federico II served Umbrian cuisine and Sagrantino wine.  SCORE!

You can't see it, but it's freezing.

Suckling Pig in a Fennel Tomato sauce.
Montefalco Sagrantino wine.

One Happy Guy!

A very nice way to re-charge.

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Denise said...

While I'm not commenting often, I am delighting in your tales italiano! I love the good with the bad. We certainly had a lot of those while living abroad.

Keep sharing and know we're reading. Love to you both. Felice Anno Nuovo!