Friday, January 16, 2015

Sometimes, you can go back.

After returning from Sorrento, Chris and I began showing Cathy and Gigi some of the Umbrian sites.  We went to Assisi and heard the monk’s chant during Angelus.  Then walked up to the town center and again saw the Roman temple that had been made into a Catholic church.  We had a lunch of lasagna, stringozzi and pecorino cheese with honey.   Then we traveled to Montefalco, known as the balcony of Umbria, to see the sun beginning to set. 

This Roman Temple is a great example of their architecture.

 On Friday, both our friends wanted to see where I had gone to school in Casperia.  So I contacted Paola and arranged for us to meet with her at her home.  Even though she was busy with other things, she and Franco welcomed us.  She made a light snack with some Proseco, cheese with pears and pressed meats.   Paola had moved out of the Agriturismo months ago and back into the town of Casperia.  Her restaurant now closed, she only takes in students in the heart of the town.  (Side note: 
a new LBC student from Manhattan Beach is coming in February).  She had arranged for us to return to the same site I studied in for a full fledged Italian prix-fix meal.  A new owner had moved in and started service last October.  Under the new name of  Azienda Agricola Il Terebinto Agriturismo, we had a fabulous lunch that lasted two hours with five course.   Walking the grounds, meeting the chef in the kitchen I had worked in, brought back so many great memories.  It was a magical day for all of us.

First course of meats, cheese, pumpkin puree and barley

Course two; Pasta Carbonara with Kale

Third course: Ravioli of Ricotta in a verde salsa

Stuffed Veal with Pork Cheek

Our Chef with Cathy and me.  I'm not too happy here.

Gigi and Chris with the Chef and new owner.

Lastly, Sponge cake with orange sauce with a dusting of chocolate

Back home at Gusto Al Borga
Showing the girls the grounds.

Check out their Facebook site is 

Finished the day by watching Gladiator, for the hundredth time.  The more I see this movie, the more I realize how accurate the depiction of Ancient Rome is in this movie.  

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