Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pompeii: Signs point to an X-Rated Existence

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, Pompeii was a seaport town.  It was visited by MEN from all over the Roman Empire.  You may have noticed I did not mention women or children visited Pompeii from all over.  Our guide, Gaetano, pointed this out to us when he stopped and showed us a different street tile pointing in a certain direction.  Then to the non-neon sign indicating, "go down this street," showing you had arrived.  Once there, a menu to choose from.

Prostitutes or "Shewolves" as they were called, were mostly slaves.  Only about 10% of them were free citizens.  The brothel we visited was down a one-way street and felt bit seedy.  Even 2500 years later, it seemed seedy.  Gaetano did not mention prices or get into sordid details, but only said it was very much a part of Pompeian life.

Pointing the direction.
You've arrived.
 What's your pleasure???

One of the amazing facts about Pompeii was the names and occupations of the township are known.  Why, because the Romans took a census and it indicated, freeman or slave, noble or common man.  Remember, Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem to be part of a census.  I have even more admiration for the Roman period because of how they operated.  The barbarians took this all away and there was a period known as the "Dark Ages".  The Romans were not perfect, in fact brutal by many standards. In a time so long ago, we mimic so much of their existence today.  We need to be aware of history and the signs that point out what can happen.

Or what is already happening.

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