Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comments on Should you go to Culinary School?

Well, it's nice to see you folks are concerned for my welfare.  Donna said they had a GPS and never got lost. Just make sure it's programed for Italy.  Greg told me to rent the car at the airport.  Denise was comforting and explained at the very least, Chris would be by my side in the car. 

All so much appreciated.  I was given a TomTom by Franco to use while I'm in school.  Which means I can use it to get to the airport today.  When Chris rented the car using AAA, they didn't have cars at the airport from Hertz, which is the company AAA uses exclusively and at a very discounted price, for the time we wanted to rent the car.  Doesn't make sense to me either, but I wasn't there.

And as our daughter Erin will attest to, I love my wife with all my heart.  But as a passenger in the car, she rates about a -100 on the friendly passenger scale.  Love you dear, I really do.

Since we are here long after school is over, I will get the GPS, pay the extra dough and breath.  It won't make the other guys better drivers, but peace of mind means alot when you can't see the road signs in the city and most of the street names all begin to look the same anyway.  The added bonus of dropping the car off in Rome, since we are spending our last few days in the city, will mean I won't have an extra drop off charge. And I can take the train directily to the airport when we do leave.

Finally, only Denise asked if I could answer my rhetorical question about going to culinary school?

Thanks Denise, Donna and Greg.

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Denise said...

Okay, so I guess I didn't realize your question was rhetorical which by definition (A question posed only for dramatic or persuasive effect; A question to which the asker does not expect an answer) you never would/and still haven't answered. I'm still learning your nuances Tom. I trust Chris is tucked away in Casperia with jet lag but true happiness. Better tired in Italy than lonely in Long Beach!