Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At's Italian

Pasta! I can remember my mom's mom making homemade pasta for lasagna. When we were at my aunts house, she, along with my aunt, would make Ravioli. Great childhood memories.

Today we made pasta. One pound of bread flour, 5 eggs, some olive oil and salt. Made the mound of flour. Made the well inside the mound, put the eggs, oil and salt in and did our thing. It was glorious. Kneaded the pasta dough. Cover and let stand for about 45 minutes and then rolled it out and made fettucini. Then I made some Alfredo sauce that was nice and nape(napee) with fresh garlic and parmesan cheese. Topped with parsley and then I ate it all.

God it was great!

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Erin said...

No if only we could find that family ravioli recipe! However...I have a feeling not much has changed! Let's make some!!! Mangia =)