Sunday, July 25, 2010


Some losses are tougher than others. Since I started school, I have lost about 6 towels, a measuring cup. I have lost my golf game. I simply don't have the time to practice, much less play golf, since I started school. I have lost the opportunity to watch some of my favorite TV shows as I do about 4 hours of homework nightly and my DVR collection is mounting to the point I feel I'll never catch up. These are not earth shattering or gut wrenching.

Friday I attended a service of a former co-worker and friend of mine named Rob Humphreys. His son Dallas, all of 12 years old, lost his battle with leukemia and and was laid to rest at Forest Lawn in Cypress. I can think of no greater loss than this. In his short twelve years, he affected the lives of countless kids and adults with his easy charm and radiant smile. I always felt as a parent, the most you can hope for is that your kids can make a positive change in someone's life or to the community at large. At his service, I feel that Dallas did indeed accomplish this feat. Hundreds attended to celebrate his all too short a life and grieve with Rob and Hollye in placing Dallas to rest.

Dallas will be missed more that I could ever imagine.

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