Sunday, July 18, 2010

The space and font thing!

When you start something new, like learning a new technique or an entire new way of doing something you have done very well before, their seems to be a time when nothing works. The new ways just don't make sense, so you try and go back to what you know, knowing that isn't what you're suppose to be doing, because you are spending all this money to learn something new, and the chef's are not going to let you get away with it even if your old way works. It's frustrating and discouraging.

The chefs warn us about this. It's like when you hear about the star athlete moving up to a higher level of competition and everything is going so fast, they just can't seem to adapt to the different pace they find themselves in. I find myself there at this point in time. Not that I'm a star cook, but it's the analogy I can relate to. So here is what I did. I re-wrote my template for the prep sheets we use to make our new dishes. I made the font bigger and bold. I doubled space and spelled out each technique so I could read it and understand it at a glance. I tried to make it fool proof.

Monday, I have a Consomme and Clam Chowder practical exam. We'll see if this fool can adapt to his new space and font thing.

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