Friday, July 16, 2010


Soup lovers usually agree, Consomme' is one of the least found soups. The clear broth with not more in it than a few julienne carrots or some fine noodles is only found at high end, fine dining establishments. After making it, I can understand why. My God, what a pain in the A.. to make. If you want to know more about making Consomme' then Google "Clearmeat". If that doesn't put you off this clear broth, nothing else will.

On the other hand, we have French Onion soup. We made that too. The two are the extremes in soup making. French Onion was the soup of the poor. After Bastille Day, peasants could only afford onions and some beef stock. So French Onion soup was the soup du jour. Every day. For a long time.

I once offered French Onion soup to our friends Linda and JC, they live in France and JC is a native Frenchman. They politely declined. I made Mushroom soup.

We haven't made that in class yet!

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