Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Foundations II (mise en place)

After 10 days off we were back at it on Tuesday. This time it's different. I have to admit, there was a comfort in just listening, observing and taking notes. There is an expression in a kitchen when your are lost and not organized. It's called "in the weeds". First day back and I felt in the weeds. The only way to get out is to be organized, listen and not be running around like a stewing chicken without a head. How is that done? It's called Mise en place, or everthing in place. From our uniform to our tools, anything out of place and you're in the weeds. A small bit not organized snowballs exponentially until you're completely lost.

The good news, every Chef has felt this. It's about the learning to get us out of the weeds and back to mise en place.

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