Friday, July 9, 2010

I get questions

I got a question today, from my sister, about stock. If stock is made from bones and broth is made from meat, how is vegetable stock made?

So I went to explain that broth is just a seasoned stock and that bones could have nothing and everything to do with making stock. But you don't have to have bones to make a stock. Vegetables, a sachet of herbs and spices in water make a stock.

Then she questioned me again.
Well on they said that broth is made from meats.

So I again explained that in the classical sense, broth is a seasoned stock. And it doesn't matter if it's made from meat or bones or whatever.

Then she said she didn't want to 'steer' me wrong. Just wanted to know what bones were in vegetables?

I'm glad she lives in Yakima!

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Erin said...

Yer FUNNY!!! And you're soooo busted when she reads this! Bahahahahahaha!!! =)