Thursday, July 29, 2010


Eggs. The perfect food is what the ads say. I have cooked eggs most of my adult life. I'm 61. Today we cooked eggs; over easy, a French Omelet, an American Omelet and Eggs Benedict. Obviously with poached eggs. Chef demonstrated how to cook eggs over easy. I told myself, "Don't waste my time". Then I paid more attention to the demo of omelets and poached eggs as I don't do these very often. Off to our stations to do eggs.

I set out to do the over easy first. Get it out of the way, sort of. Two eggs in, let coagulate and get ready to go to flip my eggs, broken yoke. No problem, just need a little more clarified butter in the pan. Two eggs in, let coagulate, flip the eggs, too browned. Two eggs in, let coagulate, flip the eggs, broke the yoke. Twelve eggs later, I'm crying uncle. Chef Wang tells me he'll work with me on my over easy eggs after class. I readily agree.

Omelets, and Eggs Benedict go well. Fluffy, no browning, trifold for the French omelet, folded in half for the American omelet stuffed with saute mushrooms and cheddar cheese and my Eggs Benedict were perfect.

Eggs over easy? I really like my eggs Basted.

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Erin said... found out how to waste your time! HA! You're an EGGSpert! Can't believe you messed that one up! I would have eaten broken yolk eggs! =)