Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just along for the Ride!

Since I started school, I have been commuting on the light rail system here in LA. For $36 a month, I take the Blue Line from Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles. There, I transfer to the Red Line that takes me to Hollywood and Vine Street. Home of dreams. Seems simple enough. Ah, but let me continue.

The train messages come in two languages, English and Spanish. The signs on the trains are in English and Spanish. Who needs Rosetta Stone? The Blue Line travels through, probably, the toughest areas in all of Los Angeles. Compton, Watts, South Central and the lower section of downtown LA. All types of folks, all ethnic types are represented. Old, young, very young, homeless, students, gang bangers, tagger's and graffiti artists as well as a few everyday working types. Then there are the pan handlers, preachers, bike riders, and the con artist doing shell games for $20. That guy is a scream. People selling water, sodas, candy, flowers, bracelets and freeloaders getting bounced off the trains by the Sheriff's Dept. Never a dull moment on this line.

Then there is the Red Line. More working types on this line. Now that it's summer, I see many tourists as well as Hollywood starlet want-a-be's with tattoos', piercings and women's outfits that would make most men go....well let's just say it's revealing what's revealed.

Me? I'm in a chef's outfit that gets many looks and a few questions. "Are you on Top Chef"? Nope, I'm just here for the ride!

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Erin said...

Just start saying yes! You are top chef in my book! =)