Sunday, August 9, 2015

Busy Happens!

Three days in and it's been interesting.  Dylan is as head strong as she is cute.  We were asked to just ease her into puppy life outside the litter.  No commands except "get busy" and maybe a sit command once in a while.  Eating three times a day, getting busy would seem to be an easy command to grasp.  Dogs eat, dogs pee, dogs poop!  Ah, but the rhythm of our newest addition is still a bit of a mystery to us.  She eats, plays, sleeps and then we take her outside to "get busy".  It doesn't happen.  We parade her up and down the driveway and no busy.  She sits and looks up at us with those cute baby browns. Whines a bit, scratches a bit then sits again, no busy.  All the while, "get busy" is flowing out of us like the spring thaw in Niagara.  So we bring her in.  I'm sure I don't have to tell you what then happens.  BUSY HAPPENS!

Diarrhea struck her on Saturday.  Busy happened all over the house.  Called the vet at GDA and we're told, it's not unusual for new puppies to have this occur.  "Change her diet to rice and boiled chicken."  So for the next few days, we'll see how this works.

Oh, I took up our living room rug and it's rolled and now rests in our garage.  Baby gates block the front door screen.  All vases that were puppy level have been raised.  All of Bailey's tennis balls have been put away.

Seems the only thing getting busy around here is us...

Dylan, not "getting busy".

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