Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rocking the Cradle with Doggie Toothpaste

Our second kindergarten class with Dylan was Monday night and I got to work with her.  I will say this, sitting on a cushion on concrete is not easy.  Just a small insight I thought I'd share with you.

Diego to our right.  

 Her litter mate, Diego, was next to us.   Brian went over some of the commands we need to start imparting on our pups.  We learned the cradle game and the name game last week.  This week we worked on the "sit" and the "down" commands.  Now Dylan is really good on the sits.  The command sit is given once.  If your pup doesn't sit, a slight tug on the leash and then followed with a gentle nudge down on her back side to get her to sit if needed.  What you don't say is; sit, sit, Sit Dylan, DYLAN SIT!!!  Just one command.  Then heaps of praise and hand rubbing all over the puppy.  The down command is a bit more difficult for the pups to learn.  So with that, we use treats.  While the pups are sitting, you bring the treat straight down the leash from the top of the dog and past their nose to the ground.  Once their nose is down on the ground, you see which side they're leaning and gently nudge them over and then say the command "Down".   Then "good down" and release them with, ok...ok...good girl.

The class is as much for us as the dogs.

Our entire puppy kindergarten class.
Then we got to brush her teeth.  Now that wasn't what Dylan or I was expecting.  Doggie toothpaste and a small toothbrush was an instant sign to bite.  All this done while in the cradle position.  All to make it easier for her eventual owner to be able to check, clean and sooth their dogs.  And by then, the razor sharp puppy teeth will be gone.  Ouch!

A well earned nap after class
Dylan wasn't the star, but she is the cutest.  Everyone at puppy kindergarten agrees to that.

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