Thursday, August 20, 2015

One of those Selfish Thursdays!

Thursday is my golf day.  Now, I really like Thursdays.  So today, I woke up early, showered and as I am exiting the shower I heard a scream, "Dylan just threw up in her crate".  Oh no!

We have been battling diarrhea since the second day we picked up Dylan.  Switched her diet to chicken and rice.  It got better and then it got worse.  This was a new twist.   Well, today it got four times worse; four bouts this morning alone.  Our fear was Parvo, a disease that can kill puppies.

But to make matters even more fun, Chris has been battling sciatic back pain and it has reared its ugly head as well.  I was in a quandary.  What to do?  What would you do?  Chris already had an appointment to visit to see her back specialist.  She was in pain.  Dylan was sick and getting busy all over, thankfully outside this time.  And I had 3 guys counting on me to fill out a foursome.  So we called GDA and of course their vet is off this week.  "She'll be back Saturday".  This could only mean one thing.  My buddies would be going off as a threesome.

After speaking and getting permission from GDA, we took Dylan to our vet.  GDA is very particular who treats their dogs and I can understand that.  They are a huge investment for them and we are their caretakers.  After gathering a sample of goo, he headed over to see Dr. Bang, pronounced Bong.  He is great.  He got us in right away and gave us assurance that it probably isn't Parvo, but since she took her vaccine just a few days ago, a test could result in a false positive.   I got Dylan in her cradle position and she went right to sleep.  Got us some meds, Science Diet food, and instructions on what to do.  All for a $100, which we will be reimbursed for by GDA.  We probably will be taking Dylan up to Sylmar on Saturday.

So Dylan is resting comfortably.  Chris, after seeing her Dr., is resting comfortably.  Me?  I'm itching for next Thursday.

Does this sound selfish?


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