Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Out in Public

After Monday's class, Dylan received her new Puppy in Training vest.  Her first vest fell off as it was way too big.  This one is altered slightly, but fits the bill.  With her second round of heart worm medicine completed, we can now take Dylan out for short trips.  Chris and I went to Starbucks and took Dylan along with us.  We were told (warned) that guide dog puppies in training cause quite a commotion.  The guidance we received was to ask the person, people...horde, to stop just a second and let us get our puppy settled.  One at a time and sorry, but no, you can't pick them up.  Our goal as puppy raisers is to socialize the puppies in many different scenarios.  Well, Dylan was quite the hit at Starbucks.  People were very respectful and Dylan was great.  

Our first voyage into public was a success.  

Dylan, steppin' out.

Being good and staying on her blanket.

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