Friday, August 7, 2015

Meet Dylan

Morning arrived and we set out to pick up Dylan with a slight detour to drop off Bravo, a black lab, who we puppy sat for over the last 5 days.  Making our way up to Sylmar was uneventful except for the usual awful traffic going up the 405.  The GDA compound has many buildings and was full of kids doing a summer tour of the facility.  Many new puppy raisers were waiting along with a bunch of repeat raisers who all knew each other.  Making us feel welcomed into their fraternity and reassuring us newbies all would be well.  We still felt unsure but ready for the challenge.  After a 45 minute lecture on the rules, expectations and signed contracts, we were lead out to the nursery area awaiting the 14 puppies from two litters who were being sent out into the great unknown world of "us".

Litters D and E with corresponding first letter names were brought out one at a time.  If schmaltz could have been bottled there, it would have been over flowing. Elsa, Eddie and a bunch of other E names came first.  Then Diego, Dozier and finally Dylan.

Puppy Breath!!!

Group pictures then individual pictures taken by GDA staff and then off to let the puppies romp outside for the first time.  Everyone rubbing the blankets and stuffed animal, that comes with their puppy, on their litter mates.  Rubbing of their litter mates is supposed to make being away from them easier as they have their scent and won't feel completely abandoned.

The ride home was horrible.  Two and one half hours on freeways made this retired driver glad I don't have to do that anymore.  Little Dylan slept the entire way, cuddled in Chris' lap, oblivious to her surroundings.  We stopped and tried to get Dylan to pee, but she wouldn't.  Finally, home sweet home!  Waking up just in time to "get busy" code for  pee on the driveway.  A huge success in the new puppy raising world.

What traffic?

Then meeting her four legged sisters Maggie, Bailey and of course bigger sister Erin.

Hi Maggie!

Wanna play?

With just two accidents in the house and four successful "busies" outside, we now are on our way to raising our guide dog puppy, Dylan.

Welcome to our home!

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