Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dylan on the Mend

Now that we have Dylan on Prescription Diet I/D her stools have been firm and formed.  I know that many of you were worried, as we were, about her health.  She is back to terrorizing  Bailey and running around like a Lab puppy.  She is very thin, even though she is wolfing down her food, seems like none of it was being digested as it was just squirting out her backside.

We have been working on her downs and comes and if nothing, she is a smart Lab.  Catching on rather very quickly to commands.  Of course she also tries to pick up everything including any shoes or flip flops that are left out.  NO commands are a little more frequent.  And, in reading the handbook that came with Dylan, I learned that if she decides to make you her chew toy, just yelp loudly and she stops.

Nice having a puppy that comes with a handbook.

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