Monday, August 24, 2015

Not much is routine about Dylan

After three weekends, Dylan seems to be settling in to a routine.  Up early, we take her outside and she 'gets busy' then rushes to the kitchen knowing she will be fed.  We are working on getting her to sit and wait once her food dish is placed on the floor.  Sitting seems to be no problem as she starts sitting the moment I pick up her dish from the kitchen counter.  The waiting part is a bit difficult for her.  As I mentioned before, Labs are voracious eaters.  Dylan is no exception to this rule.  Then it's romper time with Bailey.  But before that, she needs to 'get busy' once more.  We have learned that pups don't empty their bladder, so multiple trips outside are required.  Then it is no holds barred play time.  Out again for 'Big Busy' and then time for bugging Maggie, who wants nothing to do with Dylan.  Back to Bailey who is more that ready to rumble and finally, nap time.  This takes about 2 hours in the morning.

Play time about through

Out for the count!

This weekend was special as our niece Kelsey came to visit from Morgan Hill.  On break from Chico State, she spent a week down south and got up close to Dylan.

With Dylan's intestinal track seemingly back to normal, we're starting to re-introduce solid food and hoping for her to begin gaining some weight.  As much as her routine is important to us, we also have  begun to find our rhythm with Dylan.  We'll see how long this lasts!

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