Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All Good

Back to school after a Labor Day weekend. First thing I noticed, the trains are full again. Standing room only riding up to L.A. You hear more talking. Kids love to talk. Commuters are plugged in to iPods or reading. Some conversations are funny, some are disturbing. Two young men were talking about doing prison time. Reminiscing about friends no longer here, either dead and buried or behind bars. On the other hand, two young black girls were excited about going back to school. Seeing old friends. Two distinct and different sides to riding the rails. All a part of commuting in Los Angeles through South Central.

The burnt pot incident at school was only discussed for a second. Another apology from Chef. (enough already) A prep day, we sort of eased back into school. Today, we have two braises going. One is a Lamb Shank, and the other is a veal dish served in a puff pastry. Chef A surprised everyone with tuna melt on crusty french bread and a student made a peach pie for all to share. I had purchased some ice cream for a cake Chef A made last week, and there was enough left over for the peach pie.

French cooking term for the day:
Veloute' - (ve loo toay) One of the Primary sauces made with stock and a blond roux.

We're using this sauce today with the Veal dish, adding a liaison of cream and egg yoke.

All Good!

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