Thursday, September 9, 2010

Makes you wonder sometimes!

Why is it when you mention something, it comes to pass? It's like when I play golf, I tell my self, don't hit this one right. So where does it the right. It's like the brain or the higher power up there doesn't comprehend the word "don't".

A few days ago, I mention how the chef doesn't like liver. In fact, he hates it. So what happens? He has to fabricate an entire liver, take off the membrane, slice it up. You could see he was starting to gag. But he can cook the hell out of liver.

If you follow this blog, in the same printing, I mentioned how I "don't" like Brussels Sprouts. Guess what we are cooking tomorrow? Yep, you got it, Brussels Sprouts Paysanne. So the goal is to cook the hell out them. Have the chef tell me, "these are the best sprouts I ever ate". Ya right. But, that's the goal. We shall see.

French term of the day:
Paysanne: (pay yee sahn) Vegetables cut into small, thin triangles or squares.

We cut the other vegetables that accompany this dish paysanne. Saute them with prosciutto and in butter. I'll eat those

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