Friday, September 17, 2010

Pretty Cool Stuff

Friday was a good day.  It was a quiz and prep day, so no cooking.  I had to make Mayonnaise for the tartar sauce I made for the fried calamari we'll be doing on Monday.  I hadn't made mayonnaise since our third week of school.  That seems ages ago.

We'll also be making Lamb Shish Kebab, Orange CousCous with a Yogurt Sour Cream sauce. As well as a Stir Fry and white rice.  And, last but not least, Ratatoulli.  I may be very full coming home on Monday.  The rest of next week we have finals.  Two practical or cooking finals, a fabrication final, both fish and chicken, a knife cut final and a written final.  For the practical finals, we get the list of ingredients the day before, we then have to come up with a hand written recipe, diagram the plate and then present it as we have described the plate to our chef.  Chef Brown is famous for this one quote. "Pretty cool stuff, eh?"

Actually, it is.

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