Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not so Sweet

Today was Sweetbreads and Rabbit production day. After Chef's demo for Sweetbreads, the faces on the students who (WERE FORCED TO EAT) the thymus glands of veal were priceless. Afterwards, most agreed they were not so bad. Good even. The rabbit and carrot pasta was received much more agreeably.

My Sweetbreads were not crisp enough. They needed to be more like chicken McNuggets. My Maltaise sauce was a bit green because of beating the hollandaise too vigorously with my whisk in the stainless steal bowl. Even the blood orange didn't help the color. An average dish for me. They tasted ok.

My braiser rabbit with mustard was delicious. My sauce could have been a bit thicker and my pasta stuck together. Chef told me when you store wide noodle pasta, you can't bunch it up. It needs to be laid flat with paper towels between layers. But Chef also told me, "I would eat this, all of it".

All in all, a fun day and I learned some cool stuff.

Tomorrow, Carnitas, YES and a test, yuk!

French cooking terms for today:
Lard (lahr) Solid fat from pork
Larder (lahr day) to lard, to insert strips of pork fat into lean meat.
Lardon (lahr doan) A small piece or strip of slab bacon
All have to do with pork fat.
Does it get any better?

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