Thursday, September 30, 2010

How Can this Not be Fun?

Our Baguettes were made today and it was wonderful.  The fantastic aroma of fresh baked bread X's 20.  Notice one of my three loafs is missing.  At the same time, we had to start our Sourdough Bread and a Brioche.

Brioche: (bree o ch) Rich yeast dough containing large amounts of eggs and butter. (we used 6 eggs and 12 oz of butter)

I am not a baker.  I have baked Trader Joe's Chocolate Truffle Brownie's.  It comes in a box, add oil and a few eggs, grease a pan and throw it in the oven and under cook it.  It's not very hard.  Bread from scratch using live yeast, a mixer or your hands, shaping your dough, leaving it to proof overnight is something I have never done.  There are 12 steps to making bread with yeast by hand.  Twelve!  Thirteen if you include the slashing of a baguette.  No wonder recovering from alcohol is so hard.  Was that step 7 or step 8 I just finished?  It is therapeutic if you know what you are doing.  I don't!   After all it's only been three days.

Chef True asked me today if I was having fun yet?  "Are you kidding me, I responded,  how can this not be fun?"

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Erin said...

So...Grandpa didn't leave you the baking gene?? Must have passed that one on to me! =) I do have his loaf pans after all! That bread was fanfrickentastic!!! =) So I think you make the bread...I'll make the chocolate bread pudding!