Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sausage and Tums

Today we made Sausage.  Well, to be truthful, we made it yesterday, but we cooked it today.  I made breakfast sausage, which I served with hash browns, and a mushroom omelet with a mushroom sauce.  Sausage is made by grinding chunks of pork and pork fat. The meat needs to be very cold.  Then we add Quatre Epices and salt for seasonings.  Breakfast was served and it was good.

Then we made Italian Sausage.  Again, to be truthful, Chef B made the sausage, but we put it in the casings.  With this sausage, we made eggplant in tomato sauce and fried polenta. This was excellent!  Eggplant has not been my favorite, but when it is cut thinly, breaded and pan fried it is really good.  Of course, the tomato sauce might have something to do with how good it tasted.  Dinner was served and it was good too!

French cooking term for today:
Quatre Epices; (catr eh peace) A blend of 4 spices, black pepper, nutmeg, ground cloves and cinnamon.  Used in seasoning the sausages.  I guess you may have figured that one out on your own.  Chef B also used ground up red pepper flakes in the Italian Sausage. It was excellent.

Having breakfast and dinner in the span of 15 minutes is not recommended.  Just ask my stomach.

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