Thursday, September 2, 2010

You can't live on French Cuisine alone

Thursday was a mize and prep day. Friday we'll be making Carnitas tacos, a Salsa cruda, a Black Bean cake, Corn with Poblano Chiles plus Avocado Quenelles. We have four hispanic students in class. Our Chef is half hispanic, so they gave up a great tip for making Carnitas. For the liquid used to cover the pork butt, incorporate Coke a Cola. It has to be Coke and not Diet Coke. So Ruby, one of our latina chef wannaB's, is going to bring some Mexican cola because it has more sugar and is really good for the Carnitas.

Oh, will be making a NY Strip steak, maitre d' hotel butter and Twice baked potatoes too.

French Cooking Term for the Day:
Maitre d'Hotel-(may tra d ho tell) Head of the hotel, person in charge of seating in a restaurant. Also a compound butter made with chopped parsley, lemon juice and white pepper.

It's the only thing we are doing tomorrow that uses a French term.

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