Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Biscuit in a Basket

First day in Pastry & Baking and it was hot.  I mean scorching!  How hot was it? It was so hot that the thermometers in downtown stopped working.  It was so hot, we cooked our biscuits outside.  Cheese biscuits with jalapeno's, as if we needed the extra heat.  But seriously, the A/C stopped working in the baking lab and it was cooler outside than inside.

Best biscuit of the day went to our senior lady student who mis-read the sugar amount and put 1/2 cup in her dough that called for .5 oz.  Cheesey jalapeno shortcake cookies.  Soon to be found in a neighborhood dessert store near you.  Talk about hitting all the palates of the tongue.  Chef True even said, "this is really good."  Chef True is one of our pastry chefs.  The aforementioned Chef A is also with us again for the next six weeks.

All in all, a fun, HOT day.

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