Friday, October 22, 2010

'Choc - late'. The planet awaits it's fate.

If you say it like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz says, "Pop-pies", chocolate seems to take on a complely different connotation.  'Choc - late'.
Yesterday and today we made chocolate cakes.  A Chocolate Chiffon cake with Chocolate Mousse in the middle and covered in Chocolate Glacage.  It's a light chocolate cake with a light chocolate mousse filling.   Quite a bit of 'choc - late'.

We also made a Sacher-Torte.  Pronounced 'soc-kor' it was the invention of an apprentice chef, Fritz Sacher, in Austria in 1832.  This is the very dense chocolate cake made with French Meringue, egg yokes, sugar, cake flour, almond flour and dark chocolate.  Then it's cut in half, simple syrup with brandy is brushed onto the two halves  and then it has a thin layer of apricot jam spread in the middle.  Just to be sure there is enough chocolate, a layer of Chocolate Ganache is poured over the top of the tart and then it has shaved chocolate spread around the bottom of the torte.  This dessert has a  copy write and if you order it directly from the Sacher Hotel in Austria, which you can, it comes in a wooden box and the word Sacher is spelled out on the twelve portions per torte.  That's Sacher spelled twelve times.  In 'choc - late'!

My sister, Toni, use to have a moniker on her email:
"Save this planet, it's the only one with chocolate!"

After making, baking, licking, wearing and eating 'choc - late' for two days, I'm thinking that maybe we should just let this planet go.

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