Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quiche and Real Men

I made a quiche today.  We used what is termed as Mealy Dough for the crust.  It is a pie dough that is cut longer so the consistency is more like corn meal instead of larger flakey dough used in pies.  My dough was again over worked.  Chef A, who is tiny, says people who are not vertically challenged tend to do this.  "You must work the dough gently" she says.  So instead of the normal tart tin used for quiches, I had to use a pie pan.  So I guess I can technically say I made a cheesy pie and not a quiche.  Whew!  My masculinity is safe.  It was filled with eggs, milk, heavy cream, Gruyere cheese, bacon and caramelized onions.
Call it what you want, I brought it home and fed myself, two neighbors and Chris.

Eight thumbs up!

Not pretty, but oh so good.

I also made a berry pie.  We froze it and will cook it tomorrow.  I have a picture but will save it for then.


Erin said...

So sad I didn't get an invite to taste your manly cheesy pie. =( Guess you'll just have to make it again!

Sara Collins said...

We are suffering for your art!!! Thanks Tommy!