Friday, October 15, 2010

Meringue Heaven, Italian Style

Yesterday we completed our pie and tart making.  I made an all berry pie.  All berry includes raspberry, blackberry and blue berry.

Ta Dah!

I also made the lemon curd for a lemon curd tart with topped with an Italian Meringue.  What, you may be asking, is Italian Meringue?  Well, there are three types of meringue:

Common meringue, where you whip the egg whites and add sugar to form stiff "but moist" peaks.

Swiss meringue is where you beat the egg whites and sugar over a double boiler.

Italian is the most troublesome.  I had to melt sugar in a bit of water, add corn syrup and just before it turns to caramel, then you slowly drizzle it in the partially whipped egg whites to make it a very stiff peak.

What's good about Italian meringue is you can eat it without having to cook it afterwards.  You know, raw eggs and salmonella.

The neighbors loved it.  Family loved it.  Even I loved it.
Sorry you couldn't enjoy it.

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