Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Taking the Starch Out!

Our two day practical exam was completed today.  We were given 30 minutes to complete  the written exam.  I finished it in twelve, but had to wait until 10:30 to begin finishing the pastry practical.  Longest 18 minutes I can ever remember.  As noted earlier, my concern was completing all the things I had to do in time to have my pie and eclairs evaluated.  After talking to another student, I changed the priority of what I was going to complete first.  Since I had my eclair shells made, I realized I could at least finish one pastry item.  Then I went after making and baking the pie shell. Pie shell done! While that was baking,  I made the vanilla cream for the eclair.  Then I did the lemon curd for the lemon pie.  Then I made the chocolate glacage.  I filled the eclairs with the vanilla cream, dipped them in chocolate and put them in the walk-in to set up.  The lemon curd had chilled, so I filled the pie crust with the lemon and let that set.  I made the Italian Meringue,  whipped that up and placed it on a still not quite set up lemon pie.  I looked up at the clock and would you believe, I had 25 minutes to spare.  So I put the pie in the walk-in as well and cleaned up my station.  Big part of a practical is how your station looks.  I waited until 12:50 to get everything out and ready to present.  I torched the meringue, and went up to get my evaluation.  Would you believe I almost dropped the pie on the floor on my way up to the Chef's station?  I didn't, but it was very close to going bye, bye.

Out of a possible 100 points, I received 93.  I checked my written exam score and got 98%. I missed one product ID.  Cornstarch looks a lot like cake flour.  I should have gotten that one.

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Erin said...

Hahaha...corn starch! Good one Dad! The eclairs were fantabulous!! =)