Friday, October 29, 2010

That's a print!

Been a bit busy so forgive me for not posting for a couple of days.

I left off with the sauces we made and the promise of making Chocolate Souffles.  Well, I did it.  Made a souffle that rose about 5 inches.  Quickly put some powdered sugar on top and put 2 oz of Creme Anglaise in a small mize cup and quickly took it up to the Chef.  It came out great. My sauce was creamy and the souffle was cooked perfect.  Then I went to take a picture of the other souffle I had made at the same time and it had collapsed onto itself and looked so bad, I didn't take the picture.  Those suckers deflate quicker than a tire blowout at 70 MPH.

I also plated my Cheese cake for the Chef it also came out very good.  I used the Raspberry and Chocolate sauce for that plating and forgot to get a picture.  There seems to be a running theme here.  Me, food and pictures, not so good.  I did get picture of a Sacher-Torte:

Not mine, but this is what I made and it looked just like this.  This is Chef's.  His hand work was much cleaner than mine.  But, I had 12 servings with Sacher spelled in Chocolate on each slice.  So I thought I would show you what a real life Sacher-Torte looked like.

Today we made Focaccia bread, Pita bread and Hummus.  Not really worth taking pictures of these.  You can see them at Trader Joe's or any grocery store near you.

With Halloween this weekend, we get to study for our final exam and do our prep sheets for the last Practical Exam to be presented on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Presenting a Souffle, with Creme Anglaise, a Chocolate tart, not Torte, in a crumb crust and a Celebration Cake with Buttercream Frosting. With any luck, I'll get some pictures.

Scary thought!

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